EclipseWatch is an initiative of the Citizen Science Programme at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore. In this initiative, volunteers from all over India are encouraged to observe and document the behaviour of birds and animals before, during and after the solar eclipse on 15 Jan 2010. These observations are carried out in a coordinated manner.

NCBS conducts fundamental research in frontier areas of biology, encompassing a wide range of disciplines. The Citizen Science Programme at NCBS engages the wider citizenry in collaborative scientific research by designing and implementing participatory projects. Examples of such projects are MigrantWatch and the forthcoming SeasonWatch.

The EclipseWatch team includes: Amritendu Mukhopadhyay, Anagh Purandare, Anush Shetty, C. Karthikeyan, Pavithra Sankaran, R. Nandini, Robin Vijayan, Suhel Quader, Sumit Sinha, TV Krishnapriya, Umesh Srinivasan, Varun Varma, and Vinatha Vishwanathan.