While we encourage you to enjoy the wonderful spectacle provided by a solar eclipse, it is very important to follow some guidelines.

1. Never view the sun directly with the naked eye, at any stage of the eclipse.
2. Never view sun with the help of any magnifying device like binoculars or or a telescope.
3. Don’t use sunglasses, polaroid filters, smoked glass, exposed colour film, X-ray film, photographic neutral density filter.

To view an eclipse safely:
1. Use a pinhole projector
2. Use an optical projection method, using binoculars to project the image onto a surface. (NEVER LOOK THROUGH THE BINOCULARS.)
3. If you want to look directly to the sun, use a reliable and reputable correct eclipse filter (for example, a no. 14 welder glass, which you may be able to get from a welding supply store)
4. Science Centres in many Indian cities have filters available, through which it is safe to view the eclipse directly.

Source: (Sponsored by NASA and The Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum )

There are also some common misconceptions about an eclipse
1. Food becomes poisonous and contaminated during solar eclipse. So some people fast during an eclipse.
2. Pregnant woman can miscarry or give birth to deformed babies.
3. It denotes a generally bad time.

So far as we know, there is no evidence to support these beliefs.